Thursday, November 29, 2012

X rays

So my surgeon said I have 26 screws in my face. I also have chains and plates, but I don't know how many of those there are. Two of the chains are very visible in my X-ray up by my nose.

My gums are still numb, so brushing my teeth feels really weird. Plus I can see my drool dripping off of my chin, but I can't feel it. It is so strange having your face completely numb. I am finally able to eat more in my 1 hour time crunch. So that is good =)

These are my before and after X-rays. The pink lines show where my stitches are, and the white lines show where the bone was cut. They cut the bone in two different places on my lower jaw on the other side, but I didn't get a picture of that.They also made an incision on the top of my mouth, behind my front teeth. This was so they could widen my upper palette.


Where he made the incisions to cut the lower jaw, is taking longer to heal. If you feel behind your last set of molars, there is a soft area. This is where the jaw opens and closes. He went in through there to saw my lower jaw.He then had to make an incisions across the lower set of teeth, on the sides. This apparently was so he could watch the nerve and make sure not to damage it.  My braces keep catching on the skin in the back and ripping it, so I keep getting stuff caught in the incisions. Today my mouth finally opened wide enough for me to take a peek at what is back there. It isn't pretty, but I was able to get the elastic that was trapped back there out!

On to a more fun note! I've been listening to Christmas music all day. I love this time of year, even though I hate the snow. I have been dying to decorate the house, but I just can't muster up enough energy! I'm hoping now that I am able to get a little more food in, in one sitting, it will help me regain my energy. So since I can't decorate my own house at the moment, I decided to go online and look at others decorations. I found so much fun inspiration, I had to share some of it with you =)

 I hope you are all able to enjoy the holiday season! Happy thoughts to everyone recovering from surgery, and good luck to those just getting ready to!!

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