Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Long update about my Preop.

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So I never wrote about yesterdays trip to the surgeon. It was awesome! Seriously such a load off. I really believe I have the #1 best surgeon. I know, he hasn't done the surgery yet, but I already know he's good.
I told him that I had done a lot of research online, and he said "Brytt! What was the number one thing I told you Not to do!" I don't listen very well. He told me NOT to look up forums, videos , images... wait for it... BLOGS! I know, I know.  But I like to do research on things before I do them! He told me not to because he said, none of those surgeons were him. He asked me to ask him questions I had (most were from what I have gathered online) and he looked at me and said "so ___ happened?" I would answer and then he would reply with things like, "Well that was not me!" "Well I wasn't their surgeon!" "Well they aren't my patients!" And then told me how overly confident I am.. saywhat! So anyway, not saying all the things I have seen online were bad. He just told me not to do research because you cannot judge how your  surgery will go, based on someone else's. He said that his technique is one of a kind. It is an art and he has his own style.

What I should prepare for:
My mouth will not be wired shut.
My surgeon has never had anyone complain/hate how they look afterwards. So that's sunny!
Most all his patients only need Lortab the first 2-3 days, so they aren't usually too nauseous.
I will have a bite splint in, but only up to 4 weeks. AT THE MOST.
I will only have four incisions (hopefully) on the inside of my mouth.
I will be on liquid foods for the first week, then smashed foods for a long time after that.
After a week, I will be able to take my rubber bands off for an hour each day. Increasing gradually.
I will have a tube down my nose (he said it'll be the size of my pinky "so not too bad." I think that's huge!)
I will have difficulty swallowing because of the tube. He said that I can't be mad at him for that, because he didn't put it in me.
I will not want to drink anything Especially while the tube is in. Apparently it is very difficult/painful. But I am too drink anyway. 6-8 glasses a day. He said not many surgeons tell you this, but it is pretty crucial for a good recovery.
I should only be in the hospital over night.
He and his assistant will meet me in a special room at the hospital, literally right before the surgery. He will talk through things with me one last time, and answer any last minute questions I have for him. I love that.
Apparently the big rubber tube at the end of the syringes we get/have to eat with with post surgery? Yeah those are actually catheters. I know, right?!
My nose will be clogged up with blood from the tube. He reminded me again, that I cannot be mad at him for that, because he didn't do it to me. So he will yell at the nurses with me. Lol

He sent me home with a book of recipes you can make while going through recovery. They have a lot of good sounding smoothies in it though, so I'll probably use those recipes even after surgery!
He gave me a pack of Nestle Nutrition Breakfast Essentials. He said to go to Costco and stock up on them. I'll let you know if they're any good after I try it. He basically spent the majority of the time, making molds of my teeth and explaining the whole surgery to me. Really in depth too, it was fantastic! Someone else was there for their 4 weeks post op and so he brought them in to answer any questions I had. It was actually really helpful and really nice of the guy to do it. It was nice to talk to someone in person, who just recently had surgery, and by my surgeon. They took more X rays too, but I wasn't able to snap a shot of those.

I'm planning on posting through that first miserable week after surgery. I know you cannot judge your surgery based on some else's. But it is nice to know of good tips and tricks for recovery. At least I think so. So thank you to all of my readers for letting me blog stock you. Your blogs are really helpful, and I love getting comments from you :) Remember you are all beautiful and strong! Don't be scared!

Only 4 more days!!


  1. YOU are beautiful and strong! Seriously though, you are so sweet. I love reading your blog posts. You're so positive. I can't wait to see your recovery

    1. Well thanks! Haha :) I do enjoy reading others surgery blogs,(eh hem. yours.) so I'm glad to know someone enjoys reading mine, too! I'm hoping for a quick recovery. I'll try to keep you posted! Good luck with yours!! It's been a long road, but it'll be over before you know it :)

  2. I think I love your surgeon too!!! He sounds awesome. Hope it all goes as smoothly as possible for you - good luck & I look forward to reading about your progress.