Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sorry it's been a while

I finally feel well enough today to sit downstairs and use the laptop. On top of the recovery, I think I got the flu, and it hasn't been fun. At all. The pain isn't bad. In fact, I am off of the hard stuff and only taking Children's Tylenol. I am a bit nauseous tonight, but I think that might have to do that I haven;t eaten well today and didn't sleep well last night. Anyone else have a hard time sleeping at night?

I want to write a post with foods I have found yummy, and different tips but that isn't tonight's post. Sorry. If you are going to be having surgery soon, and have some questions, I would be happy to answer them and help you out any way I can. You are welcome to leave a comment or email me at
Thank you all for your kind comments!! I'll try to post tomorrow :)

Day 6
so much bruising.

Plants from my surgeon

my sweet "doctor"

my loverly fat face TODAY

Me and my mom Day 6
Look at my chubabubba!

Day 7. TODAY
When I see myself I can't help but laugh hysterically. I feel like I'm in a fat suit! 
luckily I have such a good? family, that keeps me laughing. I'm glad my swollen head is providing them with endless jokes.

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  1. Wow Brytt you had some massive bruising!! But you're smiling & laughing, so that's great! Not being able to sleep when you need/want to is the worst - hope that settles soon for you. What a huge difference in your profile - cant wait to see as your swelling goes down. Keep your chin up, try to 'eat' and rest as much as you can, and soon this will all just be a distant memory :)