Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Oil Can"

Today's picture. 8? days post op.
So I sneezed and it KILLED! The first sneeze is definitely something, haha. So good luck for when that happens. 

Also, I got my bands off for the first time since surgery, and it was not the bees knees, I tell you huwhat. Why does no one talk about this part of the recovery?? Ohmygoodness. I was the frickin' Tin Man over here! I will be taking my bands off 3 times a day for an hour each time. At these times, I will be able to eat "real" food. Mushy potato type foods and incredibly over cooked noodles, you know, the good stuff! Haha. I was really excited to eat. I feel  like I was starving only eating a table spoon of broth a day through a syringe. I love food too much to eat like that.. especially where I was so sick.  My dearest sweet Mamma made her delicious homemade Macaroni and Cheese for me and as soon as I was home from the doctor's, I ate that heavenly food. Oh it was good. BUT! I couldn't eat a lot of it. (The avocado was really good though) I'm just not used to the way my jaw is now. It hurts guys, it really does. I have no idea why people don't talk about it, but sitting in that chair at the doctors office, while he had me open and close, and open and close, for the first time? It was horrible! It hurt so bad.  My shoulders scrunched up, and it gave me the same sort of chills you get when something really bugs you out. I was having the hardest time trying to explain it today. The feeling I experience when the bands are off is just like no other feeling I have ever had. It's painful, meets the dentist is drilling your teeth, meets you just bit your fork (which is basically nails on a chalk board to me) meets someone just punched you in the nose and you feel like you are going to throw up. Yeah! I know! How come no one has mentioned this before!

It isn't fun. I tried to describe it to my mom today, but the best I could do was comparing it to say, if you were to put some kind of plastic down on a hard surface maybe, and then push down hard with your finger, and try to slide across the table. Your finger would stall. It would go and then stop and go and then stop. It wouldn't be able to slide smoothly. That's like what my jaw is doing when I try to open and close it slowly. 

I have bands on the sides of my teeth that I am not to take off, and then the 2 in the front that I remove to eat and exercise my jaw. Those will be on for at least a month. It really isn't horrible, I'm just totally not used to it and it makes my body freeze every time I take those bands off. Slowly but surely, I will get used to it. It's just hard to imagine that even happening at this point.

I wasn't having a really good recovery at the beginning. I was so nauseated it was horrible. In fact, the pain wasn't bad at all. I started off taking strong Ibupofen, but it was giving me horrible dreams and was too strong on my sick stomach, so I changed to Children's Tylenol, and was only taking that once a day! If I wouldn't have been nauseous, I would have had a pretty good first week. I had a really good surgeon to not have any pain afterwards. Hats off to him. The day I started to turn around, this beautiful rainbow decided to  grace me with it's presence. Reminding me that it's not all as bad as it my seem. God is good :) 

It has been so fun to have my mom here with me for a whole week! She is seriously the best mom in the world and took care of me and the whole house while I was flat down. And my poor Mr. has been such a trooper through everything. I love them both so much!

We have all really enjoyed me having such a fat face. It's just so hilarious! I mean, you really just have to take it all in when you get your surgery, because you will most likely never be that swollen up fat and nasty ever again! And if you are, then I am so, so sorry for you. But you will laughograph like no tomorrow, I'm telling you. It's awesome. You're like a chubby, ugly, gross, drooling, adult-baby. So you know, try pulling tons of funny faces, and saying ridiculous sentences, because it's hard. And hilarious.

Anyway, it's late and I should probably try to get some rest. My sleep schedule is just so off right now. I'll post again tomorrow, I have another appointment.. not looking forward to that. I'll post pictures and some more stuff tomorrow. 

Slowly but surely, I'm recovering! 


  1. Hi Brytt,
    I'm so glad you're feeling better! The first week is definitely not fun. Congrats on reaching day 8!
    Your profile looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks, Lindsay :) Sorry I didn't reply sooner! I'm glad to be past the first week. Hopefully it get's better from here!