Saturday, November 10, 2012

Of course I'm healthy!

"Healthy female okay for surgery" Yeayeah!

So is anyone else all thrown off by daylight savings? Cuz this girl is! I feel like I have jet lag. I don't know what  George and Ben were thinking. But my, my am I ever sleepy. So anyway, at my last appointment the Dr. asked for my paper. I had no idea what he was talking about, and then he told me I was supposed to get a physical done before the surgery. He assumed I had done it already, as all his other patients have it done ahead of time. I don't know how I miss that bit of information, but I did! So I spent Thursday on the phone, trying to find a Dr. that would sign a paper giving me the ok for surgery. I had an appointment to see a Dr. on Wednesday, but I had to cancel. I was able to make an appointment with someone else, for yesterday, and as you can see in the picture, I passed.

The Dr. asked me why I was in there getting a physical, and why so quickly. I told him I was getting jaw surgery on Monday and he cringed. He couldn't believe how relaxed I was. He told me he would be a nervous wreck and would hate to be getting jaw surgery. He let me know he was glad it was me and not him. Jeez, thanks Mr. The truth is, I am a nervous wreck! I just have to remind myself to think of something positive I will get out of the surgery every time I start to feel nervous. It seems to have worked so far. Obviously you can't ignore the nerves completely, but reminding myself of something positive when I start to get nervous, helps me to focus more on the excitement of it, rather than the other part. I don't know. We'll see if I can keep it together until Monday..

 Most of my evening was spent on the phone with my hospital. Going over everything once more. It's nice that they go over everything with me so many times, but by last night I was wishing they didn't have to. I hate going over numbers. I think that's the worst part! I can't believe how much it costs. I'm lucky to have insurance. But still. I know it's actually very reasonable, considering it's a freaking surgery these people are performing! I just hate to spend money. I find myself thinking of all the people that need it more.
So while on the phone today, I got some information about the surgery.

 I must clean myself well the night before. Apparently Surgeons don't like to operate on stinky people. Imagine that.
I am supposed to wear comfy, loose, clothes. That's right. I am SUPPOSED TO. Lazy days comin' my way.
The surgery will  be about 2/12 to 3 hrs. long. I know, right? Whatanap!
No make up, hairspray, lotion, etc.
AND something I didn't know. While going over the required info, you know, smoking, drinking, possible pregnancy, we hit the menstrual one. And I don't know if you guys knew.. I didn't! But ya can't wear a tampon if you are having surgery. Yeah! I didn't know either! I actually never thought about it before to be honest. So I guess, if you're a girl, and you are having surgery, you might want to try to schedule around that dog awful time, lol. I know I would!

I found this picture from a while back. It really shows how bad my teeth were. I couldn't believe it!
Thank you all for reading my blog. I can't believe I only have a few more days until I'm slurping through a catheter (you'll understand if you read my last post) So the next time I post, just might be post op! It's super crazy! Good luck to all of you guys :)

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  1. I had my periods during the surgery and they just gave me a pad to put between my legs since I wasn't wearing underwears. What did they say about smoking? My surgeon never said anything about it... And good luck, it will be over really fast.