Sunday, November 25, 2012


Freshin' up
The Colgate Wisp. These little buggers saved my life. My sweet sister snatched some up for me while waiting in the check out line. They are minty fresh, tiny and awesome, and have a great rubber pick at the end. I'm not joking, these are great to have post op. As I mentioned before, I would wake up at night, and I would feel gross and have a hard time falling back to sleep. I loved being able to reach over on my night stand, grab one of these brushes, and do a quick sweep over my teeth. It made me feel fresh and clean so I could fall back to sleep.
I am still using these after I eat. They work so well to pick stuff out of your teeth, and people may be more willing to sit next to you, if you have a minty-er smile :)

Stuff yo bra
I have been drooling so much at night. I guess it's because my face is numb, and my teeth are all band shut. If you are like me in this situation, you must learn to stuff yo bra! Fold a wash cloth and put it under your chin, in your "Jaw Bra" This will help a lot.
 I promise.

Keep it cool

Sitting up to sleep seems to keep me from getting a good nights rest, the medicine I was on, was giving me really strange dreams, I was waking up in sweats, and by morning, I have drool all over myself and the "jaw bra." I obviously feel pretty disgusting, and to top it off, my face is swollen so huge by morning time!
Aren't you wishing you could switch bodies with me right now?
 If you are an unfortunate little soul such as I, remember to keep the window open at night, and put a cold wash cloth on your face first thing in the morning. It helps so much. I also use a moisturizer before I go to bed and then after I wake up in the morning. It helps to keep the swelling stretches under control, and it makes you feel like you haven't given up completely on life.. as you walk downstairs with bed head... in your sweats...
This is when that Wisp will come in handy ;)
Relax in the bath
I didn't have enough energy and strength to stand in a shower, but I could lay back in the tub. Because I was also really sick the first week, I kept chilling. The bath helped me relax and warm up, it was so nice. I highly recommend it.

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