Friday, November 23, 2012

11 days post op

So I went to see the surgeon on Wednesday, and his assistant asked me when I had surgery? I told her it had been 10 days (I now realize it had only been 9) but she couldn't believe how good I looked, and how smiley and functioning I was! The surgeon was really impressed too, actually. So that made me happy! He He said he can always tell a difference in the patience that get babied, and don't push themselves to eat and get up and move,  and those who do. Unfortunately I think I over did that same day, because I have been so worn out the past two days. I'm hoping I don't have an infection or anything. I am really amazed at how well I have done though. I had a rough start, but considering I have 22 screws in my face, I think I have had a pretty good recovery! I think I had one heck of a surgeon. I've only been taking Children's Tylenol twice a day, and I think that's pretty amazing!

 That same assistant had my file open, and told me that I looked so much different now than I did! She sadi already she can tell how much better my profile looks. That made me happy to hear "pretty" when someone was talking about me, haha. I feel pretty puffy and gross right now, so it made me smile. Speaking of smiling, try not to do too much of it, I smile a lot, and I have torn a few stitches. It's okay, it just hurts. I got laughing to hard the other day, and I think that's what did it. My stitches are falling out, and it's pretty nasty. I hope it's normal. I thought I had a noodle stuck towards the back of my cheek (where they made the incissions) but the more I picked at it, trying to get it out so it didn't cause any harm being back there, the more it became clear that it wasn't a noodle, but my cheek. I think it's a flap of skin. I know, it's gross. But I'm telling you all about it anyway. Jaw surgery isn't pretty, lol. I hope that it heals up ok. I go back to the surgeons office on Tuesday, and I'll ask him about it then. Until then, I'm hoping it doesn't get infected or anything...

So I was told to use syringes to eat/drink, but I only used those for the first 3 days and then I decided I didn't like them at all, and started drinking from cups. I was worried it would cause problems, but he didn't mention anything was wrong when I was at my first appointment post op, so I just kept eating that way. I never told him, but he didn't say that anything looked wrong, so I guess it was ok to do! So my advice to any of you going in to surgery. If it doesn't hurt your stitches to do it, I say eat that way! It was so much better to me. I hated having to drink through those nasty rubber tubes.

Also, I was really dehydrated after I came home from the hospital. DON'T GET DEHYDRATED! I live near a 7Eleven gas station, and so I had my Mr. go get me Slurpees, and it saved me. It provides wonderful, sticky entertainment, and good, tasty, hydration. Thank you, Slurpee machine. You saved my life.

I hated the baby foods too, btw. I couldn't do it. But I found thick, yummy, Chicken Noodle Soup broth, from Kneaders (local bakery) was Aces. It was so filling and yummy, and homemade Orange Julius smoothies with lots and lots of yummy fruits were perfect breakfasts. I'm still drinking those! You can just drink them easily, and they taste so delicious. Well, as long as you make sure to put lots of sugar and vanilla in them :) I'm all about the good stuff and only the good stuff. And by good, I mean tastes good, not necessarily what's "good" for your body. When you are recovering from jaw surgery, it's just about eating what sounds good :)

Also, today I got some Chicken Noodle Soup from Noodles & Co. and it came with Saltine crackers. When you are able to take your bands off a few times a day, you must have Saltine Crackers. They slide into your mouth easily, and you don't have to chew them! I'm sure Pretzels would taste pretty good too. I might have to go out and buy some. I was told to get the Mac and Cheese form Noodles& Co. so I did, but the noodles were a little tough going down, so I say stay clear from that dish for a little while.

I was thinking though, that if you over cooked some spaghetti noodles, and then cut them up pretty small and put some sauce and cottage cheese on top, you might just have a pretty delicious dinner! I'll have to try that this week and let you all know. I have a few things I want to try out. I'm going to be on a soft foods diet for quite a while, so I want to think of some yummy stuff to have. If I do, I'll post recipes on here while I learn them.

Day 6 and Day 9
The swelling is slowly going away. I'm what I like to call "puffy" right now, haha. I'm so excited to have the swelling all gone! I'm still too swollen to smile. My lips and cheeks feel like they will pop, and I've got a double chin happening right now. Hopefully I like my face when the swelling is gone. Only time will tell :)

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  1. Brytt,
    Glad to hear all is going well with your recovery. Your profile shot looks great!!!