Sunday, December 16, 2012


Mike and I decided to go to church today, since we haven't been since I had surgery.
I thought I'd be able to get in and out without having to talk to anyone.. that didn't happen.
 I felt like a total idiot, trying to hold conversations with people with a barely functioning mouth.

A year ago, if someone asked me what my life would look like today, I never would have thought like this. I don't know what I would have thought, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been me, trying shoving sacrament bread into my  fat mouth at church.

I'm taking it all in though, and embracing the ugly.
And what better way to do that, than with an ugly sweater photo shoot?

Are these not the worst pictures ever?
 We were having way too much fun. We decided to drive around and find the biggest, fanciest house we could, and pretend like we lived there, and take our pictures in front of it!
The guy was watching us, and it was way too hilarious. We decided to act like we were really in to it. We tried to keep straight faces while posing like dorks, in ugly sweaters, on some guys lawn.
And Yes. You can bet your buttons, these are going to be our Christmas cards this year.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Journal Dec. 6 2013
I went to see Dr. Egbert today. His face was priceless when I told him that Dr. Knoles had told me I could get my braces off in two more appointments. 
There was a kid there, Mike and I guessed he was about 16. He had his wisdom teeth extracted and was saying how bad it was, haha. Then he asked me if that was why I was there. Nope. I got jaw surgery. He said he could tell now. Then he mimicked my speaking through my teeth while squishing he cheeks together. Thanks kid. 

There was another lady there, "butter knife lady" DR. E. has  told me about her because she ate with a butter knife after surgery because her mouth wouldn't open wide enough for anything else. Anyway, she showed me pictures of herself after surgery, and we sat there comparing pictures. She is starting on week five now and is still numb. She looks really good though, and is only wearing her bands 4 hours a day and then at night. I wonder if that's what I'll get to do at week 5.. I hope so! I get so hungry. I'm sure that that is contributing to my lack of energy since surgery. I'm almost 4 weeks post op. The time has flown by. I feel like at 4 weeks I should feel a lot better than I do, but then I remember how big the surgery was, and realize my body is healing really well for it only being 4 weeks. Everyone else I hear about is just as tired as I am at this week. I just am afraid Mike thinks I am being lazy. I am, but it's because I can't help it! haha. Breclyn took me to see Dr. knoles yesterday, and then we went to the craft store. It was a lot of fun, but I got really sore towards the end, and was totally worn out by the time we got home. Unfortunately, even with Tylenol PM. I still can't sleep. I have been falling asleep between 4 and 5 every night. From what I've heard though, I'm not the only one. So that's reassuring. I guess.

Shopping last week.
This was my Journal entry last week. I had to copy it over here, because guess what? I'm 4 weeks post op now, and It is wonderful!
No more wondering what 4 weeks will be like.

At my appointment yesterday, he gave me the ok to sleep on my side, my stomach, how ever I like to sleep, I can! No more sitting up :)

I now take my bands off FOUR times a day for TWO hours each time! I wanted to throw a party right there in his office!!

He showed me a little exercise to do, to get my mouth to open wider. By Monday, I should be able to open it wide enough for my thumb to fit in sideways! Move over 2 year old. There's a new thumb sucker in da house!

Next week I will be wearing my bands even less than I am right now!

And on Christmas day, I'm in the clear to eat whatever I can! No more not being "allowed" to eat anything. If it doesn't hurt (but it will) I can eat whatever I want! I know I won't be able to bite into an apple, but it's nice to know that if I wanted to, I could. Lol.

I'm still recovering, and still swollen. I'm still numb and I'm still taking pain meds. But I can't believe how great things are :)

Oh happy day.

Hang in there guys, It get's a lot better!

Also! Did you see the date?
I'm a little behind jumping on the bandwagon, But hey! It's got to be 12:12 on 12/12/'12 somewhere in the world :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I'm feeling much like a raccoon these days. (not because of the pants) Sleeping in late and not sleeping at night. I don't know why this is, but it seems like a lot of people who have jaw surgery are going through this same sleep pattern..
Are you??
Mornings are the worst. I drool at night, and my face swells, and I wake up hours after I was supposed to take more medicine, so I'm in a bit of pain. All is well though :) This afternoon, (my morning) I am enjoying the delicious smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen. I obviously won't be eating it, but I'll be eating the eggs doused in fresh maple syrup from Grandpa's farm back east. Can you say yum?

I get my stitches taken out on Tuesday. I am both excited and dreading it at the same time. It's gonna be painful.

Thank you all for your sweet comments :) I love reading them, and knowing that I still have readers who care about what I have to say. Haha, sometimes I'm not sure I would even care about what I have to say... kind of like this post.

Oh! If you have a good BBQ place, much like the Dickies I get to live near, you must order their loaded mashed potatoes and their side of macaroni and put some BBQ sauce on it! It is such a good change from the normal "recovery food."
You're taste buds will thank you. I promise.

Friday, December 7, 2012


This was my best attempt at a smile. My face is still numb and I have a lot of tissue still, especially in my chin.   So my face is pretty funky right now. I don't think the swelling has changed in the last week. The pain is still the same as well. 

My house is a total wreck right now. It's killing me to have it like this.
There are lights on only half of the tree, the box of ornaments is taking up one of our chairs, and there is a pile of stuff sitting in the same place it was sitting in two days ago. Somehow I still have dishes in my sink, and our dumb dog is lying on the floor chewing on one of the 4 collars she has managed to break through this week. I don't know how she does it. I put her out and when I go to let her back in, I find her chain stretched as far as it will go, and her collar sitting at the end of it. You all don't know this. But I hate having a dog in the house.
But this is my life lately. And my heart is happy.
Because even though I may hurt and have a goofy smile, God is watching out for me. I am healthy and recovering.
 There are dishes piling up in the sink, but that means we are not going hungry.
 Our $20 Christmas tree might be lacking in beauty, but at least we have one this Holiday season.
My home might have piles of unfinished projects lying around, but I'm thankful I have a home at all. 
And the fact that I have a stupid pet, just shows my husbands unconditional love. Even if it's for a dog.

So when I'm sitting here without enough energy to clean my annoyingly unorganized home. I just have to smile my goofy smile. Because this is life right now. But I am thankful for it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

23 days post op

Wow. It doesn't seem like my surgery was that long ago, until I use days instead of weeks. Twenty-three days seems so long! I remember before my surgery when I would creepily stalk other jaw bloggers, and see their 23 days post op and think surgery must have been forever ago! Now I realize it isn't. It's only 3 weeks. I really can't believe how quickly the body can heal from a surgery that big, and I also can't believe how long it takes it to recover. Ho. ly. crow.

I'm slowly regaining control of my face. I have a lot of built up tissue in my chin and behind my upper lip, that is making my smile look a bit funny, if not feel that way. Not to mention the swelling. It has gone down quite a bit, but it's still there. It's afraid to leave. Go ugly puff! Be free so I can be free!

I've become a lot better at eating, and am able to fill up in my one hour eating time. I eat breakfast at 11:00, Lunch at 6:00 and dinner around 10:00. I can't do those nasty syringes. I really didn't think it would bother me, but it totally does! Hot cocoa's a pretty good "in between" treat. It's warm and filling. Chicken pot pies are awesome. Not the Chicken, obviously, and not always the carrots, but everything else is delicious! Another good thing to have is re-fried beans, with melted cheese, some sour cream, and a fresh avocado. Mmm mmm. I also eat Macaroni and Cheese with a little BBQ sauce and it fills me up and tastes my fine. I ate a frozen burrito with Ranch dressing and diced tomatoes today and it was really good too. Tomorrow I think I'll make a green bean casserole. It's my moms recipe and I love it. Green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and sour cream. Really complicated, guys.

I go back to see My surgeon (Dr. E) tomorrow. He is either going to take out what are left of the stitches tomorrow or next week, and I am reeeally dreading it. He took one out for me last week and it killed like the dickens. Speaking of; I went to my ortho today for the first time since surgery, and oh my heck it hurt. He is not a nice Ortho, I tell you what. I mean we already knew this, but c'mon! I just had surgery! Do ya really have to hit my face so many times?

I cannot wait for all of this to be so far behind me. Does the day ever come? I can't wait to be able to open my mouth as wide as it can go when ever I want! I cannot wait to bite into a delicious sandwich, or yawn with out it hurting. To laugh and not have stitches or sensitive skin tear. And to sleep in any position but sitting up. Oh man how I can't wait for that! So tell me, oh wise ones, when does this day come?? Is it everything I imagine it to be?? Does anyone even read this blog anymore, or am I just writing to myself? Anyone?

And look! It's me and the Christmas wreath I made tonight.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last day of week 2

Well, tomorrow starts week 3.

My stitches are still falling out.

I still can only open my mouth so wide.
I'm still sleeping sitting up.
I am still weak.
I still feel sick.

I did however, eat a bean and cheese burrito from Cafe Rio! So delicious. So wonderful. So soft and easy to eat.

I also got up enough energy to actually do my hair after the shower. And by "do" I mean blow dry it. It's progress, m'kay? I also put on make up! See? I can be a real person. 
Even though my face is still completely numb and I feel gross.

I was also able to eat Lasagna with Cottage Cheese. I couldn't eat the meat very well, but boy it tasted good!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

X rays

So my surgeon said I have 26 screws in my face. I also have chains and plates, but I don't know how many of those there are. Two of the chains are very visible in my X-ray up by my nose.

My gums are still numb, so brushing my teeth feels really weird. Plus I can see my drool dripping off of my chin, but I can't feel it. It is so strange having your face completely numb. I am finally able to eat more in my 1 hour time crunch. So that is good =)

These are my before and after X-rays. The pink lines show where my stitches are, and the white lines show where the bone was cut. They cut the bone in two different places on my lower jaw on the other side, but I didn't get a picture of that.They also made an incision on the top of my mouth, behind my front teeth. This was so they could widen my upper palette.


Where he made the incisions to cut the lower jaw, is taking longer to heal. If you feel behind your last set of molars, there is a soft area. This is where the jaw opens and closes. He went in through there to saw my lower jaw.He then had to make an incisions across the lower set of teeth, on the sides. This apparently was so he could watch the nerve and make sure not to damage it.  My braces keep catching on the skin in the back and ripping it, so I keep getting stuff caught in the incisions. Today my mouth finally opened wide enough for me to take a peek at what is back there. It isn't pretty, but I was able to get the elastic that was trapped back there out!

On to a more fun note! I've been listening to Christmas music all day. I love this time of year, even though I hate the snow. I have been dying to decorate the house, but I just can't muster up enough energy! I'm hoping now that I am able to get a little more food in, in one sitting, it will help me regain my energy. So since I can't decorate my own house at the moment, I decided to go online and look at others decorations. I found so much fun inspiration, I had to share some of it with you =)

 I hope you are all able to enjoy the holiday season! Happy thoughts to everyone recovering from surgery, and good luck to those just getting ready to!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2 weeks post op

So it's already been two weeks. I can't decide if this recovery has gone really quickly or if it's just agonizingly slow. I'm impressed with how quickly the body can heal, but at the same time I'm really annoyed with how long it takes to recover! I don't know how to explain it. 

1- Day before surgery.
 2- Six days pot op.
3- Ten days post op. 
4- Two weeks post op
  • I feel sick. All the time. I'm sure this has to do with the fact that I don't eat. Like at all. Ok I do, but I'm only eating 3 meals a day, and no snacking in between each meal. I know, right!
  •  I only get one hour with my bands off. This seems like it should be alright, but when you actually think about it, it stinks. Eating is a hard thing to do when you have a gazillion stitches in your mouth, and you can only open so wide.
  •  I am only able to open my mouth wide enough to fit a pill. This makes eating the smallest thing, the hardest task. Then while I am eating my tiny little bites, I have to be careful to not let my braces catch on my stitches and rip them (which has been happening a lot) Then when I am done, I have to brush my teeth and put my bands back on. Probably 5 minutes out of that hour is me avoiding the stitches tearing. 5 minutes cleaning the food out of the hard to reach places of my mouth. And 10 minutes brushing, rinsing, and putting the bands back on.  Resulting in my eating time being only 40 minutes, and in that time, only getting 4 bites of potatoes and half a Cheeto in my mouth. I'm not getting full when I eat, and in fact I dread it. It's such a painful and long process, I don't know if it's even worth the 4 bites!
  •  I hurt and am emotional, and I'm not patient.  I am ready for all of this to be over. I am happy with how I am looking so far (It's hard to tell at the stage) and the swelling has gone down a lot more! but it is definitely still there :( I went to see my surgeon today and he said that the swelling is usually gone by week 6. Only 4 more weeks to go! 

  • I got the ok to chew today! Nothing harder than over cooked Macaroni, but still, it's progress! 2 more weeks and I'll start taking my bands off for longer periods, to exercise my jaw. Apparently this will help it get strong and be able to open wider. Still no chewing hard things though. What does everyone eat during this period?? I don't know how much more soup I can stomach. Maybe I'll order ToFu tomorrow. Switch things up a bit.
  •  I have been having really bad headaches, most likely from the change of diet. And I am still not sleeping well at night. Baths have saved me though. They really help me relax. And does anyone else hate wearing make up at this point? I mean, I feel crappy and don't have energy to go anywhere anyway... why bother putting makeup on the numb face? Okay, maybe I'm just a nasty person, lol. Please tell me I'm not alone though? I hate my face being touched right now! It's all numb and weird. Haha.
  • I'm also drooling all over the time too. I'm pretty sure I'm scaring the children in my neighborhood when I try to say hi, not to mention their parents. THIS is me right now. Really fun to laugh at, but really pathetic too. Lol

To anyone who is going to get this surgery, don't let me freak you out. I don't know if anyone else goes through this... Does anyone else go through this??

And to anyone who is also on week two, and finding yourself not adjusting as easily as everyone else in the jaw surgery world, THIS is for you. I found myself laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Again, this could be due to lack of sleep and food. Also, I'm not a kid hater, so don't judge. Only judge the kids.. because it's hilarious.

When I start feeling better, I'll post more tips and more useful information on jaw surgery. I'm still trying to recover and figure things out though. Thank you for sticking with me!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Freshin' up
The Colgate Wisp. These little buggers saved my life. My sweet sister snatched some up for me while waiting in the check out line. They are minty fresh, tiny and awesome, and have a great rubber pick at the end. I'm not joking, these are great to have post op. As I mentioned before, I would wake up at night, and I would feel gross and have a hard time falling back to sleep. I loved being able to reach over on my night stand, grab one of these brushes, and do a quick sweep over my teeth. It made me feel fresh and clean so I could fall back to sleep.
I am still using these after I eat. They work so well to pick stuff out of your teeth, and people may be more willing to sit next to you, if you have a minty-er smile :)

Stuff yo bra
I have been drooling so much at night. I guess it's because my face is numb, and my teeth are all band shut. If you are like me in this situation, you must learn to stuff yo bra! Fold a wash cloth and put it under your chin, in your "Jaw Bra" This will help a lot.
 I promise.

Keep it cool

Sitting up to sleep seems to keep me from getting a good nights rest, the medicine I was on, was giving me really strange dreams, I was waking up in sweats, and by morning, I have drool all over myself and the "jaw bra." I obviously feel pretty disgusting, and to top it off, my face is swollen so huge by morning time!
Aren't you wishing you could switch bodies with me right now?
 If you are an unfortunate little soul such as I, remember to keep the window open at night, and put a cold wash cloth on your face first thing in the morning. It helps so much. I also use a moisturizer before I go to bed and then after I wake up in the morning. It helps to keep the swelling stretches under control, and it makes you feel like you haven't given up completely on life.. as you walk downstairs with bed head... in your sweats...
This is when that Wisp will come in handy ;)
Relax in the bath
I didn't have enough energy and strength to stand in a shower, but I could lay back in the tub. Because I was also really sick the first week, I kept chilling. The bath helped me relax and warm up, it was so nice. I highly recommend it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

11 days post op

So I went to see the surgeon on Wednesday, and his assistant asked me when I had surgery? I told her it had been 10 days (I now realize it had only been 9) but she couldn't believe how good I looked, and how smiley and functioning I was! The surgeon was really impressed too, actually. So that made me happy! He He said he can always tell a difference in the patience that get babied, and don't push themselves to eat and get up and move,  and those who do. Unfortunately I think I over did that same day, because I have been so worn out the past two days. I'm hoping I don't have an infection or anything. I am really amazed at how well I have done though. I had a rough start, but considering I have 22 screws in my face, I think I have had a pretty good recovery! I think I had one heck of a surgeon. I've only been taking Children's Tylenol twice a day, and I think that's pretty amazing!

 That same assistant had my file open, and told me that I looked so much different now than I did! She sadi already she can tell how much better my profile looks. That made me happy to hear "pretty" when someone was talking about me, haha. I feel pretty puffy and gross right now, so it made me smile. Speaking of smiling, try not to do too much of it, I smile a lot, and I have torn a few stitches. It's okay, it just hurts. I got laughing to hard the other day, and I think that's what did it. My stitches are falling out, and it's pretty nasty. I hope it's normal. I thought I had a noodle stuck towards the back of my cheek (where they made the incissions) but the more I picked at it, trying to get it out so it didn't cause any harm being back there, the more it became clear that it wasn't a noodle, but my cheek. I think it's a flap of skin. I know, it's gross. But I'm telling you all about it anyway. Jaw surgery isn't pretty, lol. I hope that it heals up ok. I go back to the surgeons office on Tuesday, and I'll ask him about it then. Until then, I'm hoping it doesn't get infected or anything...

So I was told to use syringes to eat/drink, but I only used those for the first 3 days and then I decided I didn't like them at all, and started drinking from cups. I was worried it would cause problems, but he didn't mention anything was wrong when I was at my first appointment post op, so I just kept eating that way. I never told him, but he didn't say that anything looked wrong, so I guess it was ok to do! So my advice to any of you going in to surgery. If it doesn't hurt your stitches to do it, I say eat that way! It was so much better to me. I hated having to drink through those nasty rubber tubes.

Also, I was really dehydrated after I came home from the hospital. DON'T GET DEHYDRATED! I live near a 7Eleven gas station, and so I had my Mr. go get me Slurpees, and it saved me. It provides wonderful, sticky entertainment, and good, tasty, hydration. Thank you, Slurpee machine. You saved my life.

I hated the baby foods too, btw. I couldn't do it. But I found thick, yummy, Chicken Noodle Soup broth, from Kneaders (local bakery) was Aces. It was so filling and yummy, and homemade Orange Julius smoothies with lots and lots of yummy fruits were perfect breakfasts. I'm still drinking those! You can just drink them easily, and they taste so delicious. Well, as long as you make sure to put lots of sugar and vanilla in them :) I'm all about the good stuff and only the good stuff. And by good, I mean tastes good, not necessarily what's "good" for your body. When you are recovering from jaw surgery, it's just about eating what sounds good :)

Also, today I got some Chicken Noodle Soup from Noodles & Co. and it came with Saltine crackers. When you are able to take your bands off a few times a day, you must have Saltine Crackers. They slide into your mouth easily, and you don't have to chew them! I'm sure Pretzels would taste pretty good too. I might have to go out and buy some. I was told to get the Mac and Cheese form Noodles& Co. so I did, but the noodles were a little tough going down, so I say stay clear from that dish for a little while.

I was thinking though, that if you over cooked some spaghetti noodles, and then cut them up pretty small and put some sauce and cottage cheese on top, you might just have a pretty delicious dinner! I'll have to try that this week and let you all know. I have a few things I want to try out. I'm going to be on a soft foods diet for quite a while, so I want to think of some yummy stuff to have. If I do, I'll post recipes on here while I learn them.

Day 6 and Day 9
The swelling is slowly going away. I'm what I like to call "puffy" right now, haha. I'm so excited to have the swelling all gone! I'm still too swollen to smile. My lips and cheeks feel like they will pop, and I've got a double chin happening right now. Hopefully I like my face when the swelling is gone. Only time will tell :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

I'm going to be chowing down on stuffing and mashed potatoes.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Oil Can"

Today's picture. 8? days post op.
So I sneezed and it KILLED! The first sneeze is definitely something, haha. So good luck for when that happens. 

Also, I got my bands off for the first time since surgery, and it was not the bees knees, I tell you huwhat. Why does no one talk about this part of the recovery?? Ohmygoodness. I was the frickin' Tin Man over here! I will be taking my bands off 3 times a day for an hour each time. At these times, I will be able to eat "real" food. Mushy potato type foods and incredibly over cooked noodles, you know, the good stuff! Haha. I was really excited to eat. I feel  like I was starving only eating a table spoon of broth a day through a syringe. I love food too much to eat like that.. especially where I was so sick.  My dearest sweet Mamma made her delicious homemade Macaroni and Cheese for me and as soon as I was home from the doctor's, I ate that heavenly food. Oh it was good. BUT! I couldn't eat a lot of it. (The avocado was really good though) I'm just not used to the way my jaw is now. It hurts guys, it really does. I have no idea why people don't talk about it, but sitting in that chair at the doctors office, while he had me open and close, and open and close, for the first time? It was horrible! It hurt so bad.  My shoulders scrunched up, and it gave me the same sort of chills you get when something really bugs you out. I was having the hardest time trying to explain it today. The feeling I experience when the bands are off is just like no other feeling I have ever had. It's painful, meets the dentist is drilling your teeth, meets you just bit your fork (which is basically nails on a chalk board to me) meets someone just punched you in the nose and you feel like you are going to throw up. Yeah! I know! How come no one has mentioned this before!

It isn't fun. I tried to describe it to my mom today, but the best I could do was comparing it to say, if you were to put some kind of plastic down on a hard surface maybe, and then push down hard with your finger, and try to slide across the table. Your finger would stall. It would go and then stop and go and then stop. It wouldn't be able to slide smoothly. That's like what my jaw is doing when I try to open and close it slowly. 

I have bands on the sides of my teeth that I am not to take off, and then the 2 in the front that I remove to eat and exercise my jaw. Those will be on for at least a month. It really isn't horrible, I'm just totally not used to it and it makes my body freeze every time I take those bands off. Slowly but surely, I will get used to it. It's just hard to imagine that even happening at this point.

I wasn't having a really good recovery at the beginning. I was so nauseated it was horrible. In fact, the pain wasn't bad at all. I started off taking strong Ibupofen, but it was giving me horrible dreams and was too strong on my sick stomach, so I changed to Children's Tylenol, and was only taking that once a day! If I wouldn't have been nauseous, I would have had a pretty good first week. I had a really good surgeon to not have any pain afterwards. Hats off to him. The day I started to turn around, this beautiful rainbow decided to  grace me with it's presence. Reminding me that it's not all as bad as it my seem. God is good :) 

It has been so fun to have my mom here with me for a whole week! She is seriously the best mom in the world and took care of me and the whole house while I was flat down. And my poor Mr. has been such a trooper through everything. I love them both so much!

We have all really enjoyed me having such a fat face. It's just so hilarious! I mean, you really just have to take it all in when you get your surgery, because you will most likely never be that swollen up fat and nasty ever again! And if you are, then I am so, so sorry for you. But you will laughograph like no tomorrow, I'm telling you. It's awesome. You're like a chubby, ugly, gross, drooling, adult-baby. So you know, try pulling tons of funny faces, and saying ridiculous sentences, because it's hard. And hilarious.

Anyway, it's late and I should probably try to get some rest. My sleep schedule is just so off right now. I'll post again tomorrow, I have another appointment.. not looking forward to that. I'll post pictures and some more stuff tomorrow. 

Slowly but surely, I'm recovering! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sorry it's been a while

I finally feel well enough today to sit downstairs and use the laptop. On top of the recovery, I think I got the flu, and it hasn't been fun. At all. The pain isn't bad. In fact, I am off of the hard stuff and only taking Children's Tylenol. I am a bit nauseous tonight, but I think that might have to do that I haven;t eaten well today and didn't sleep well last night. Anyone else have a hard time sleeping at night?

I want to write a post with foods I have found yummy, and different tips but that isn't tonight's post. Sorry. If you are going to be having surgery soon, and have some questions, I would be happy to answer them and help you out any way I can. You are welcome to leave a comment or email me at
Thank you all for your kind comments!! I'll try to post tomorrow :)

Day 6
so much bruising.

Plants from my surgeon

my sweet "doctor"

my loverly fat face TODAY

Me and my mom Day 6
Look at my chubabubba!

Day 7. TODAY
When I see myself I can't help but laugh hysterically. I feel like I'm in a fat suit! 
luckily I have such a good? family, that keeps me laughing. I'm glad my swollen head is providing them with endless jokes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some pics

Quick post

Well I'm two days post op and had a bad first night. I'll explain the horror in another post. My nurse was really bad and wasn''t on top of anything. It was really bad. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. They lifted my spirits. I'll post pictures later. I'm just trying to get settled in. It's ice to be home from the hoital.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is really happening

I don't think I slept a wink last night. 12 more hours of all I can eat, and then the fasting starts. I can't believe by 3:00 tomorrow, I will be out of surgery. My mom is coming down today, to help out this week. I'm really excited to see her, she is seriously the best. I still don't have a blender... perhaps someone in my church will hear about it today, and have sympathy for me, and volunteer to be my blender lender.

 My stomach is in knots. I keep getting waves of excitement, but they are short lasted as the nerves quickly appear, and freak me right the heck out. I don't want to be nervous, but I totally am, and I can't seem to shake it. I know what I have been told to expect, but recovery is different for everyone, so I don't actually know what to expect. I think that has me scared. Not knowing how I will look, or if I will like it, also has me scared. Along with  not being able to breath well through my nose. I suffer from really bad, year round allergies. The Dr. told me I was allergic to the planet and should be in a bubble. And it is true. I am allergic to the most random of things, along with every plant, weed, grass, tree, and animal. Except horses. So my nose is always stuffed and my throat is always itchy. I'm scared for the surgery itself. I know I have a great surgeon, but I think it's still normal to get scared before any surgery.

I'm just trying to be more excited than scared. It's kind of like the feeling you have before you go on a really big roller coaster. I love roller coasters. A lot. But any time I am in line to go on one, I get really excited, and then the closer I get to my turn, the more nervous I get. The good thing is, I always have a good time. So here's to a good time! Hopefully the recovery will go by quickly and I'll love the results :) I look forward to your comments, and I'll be posting a lot. I'm hoping it'll help to take my mind off of the silence that comes with recovery from jaw surgery. See you all again form the other side!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Of course I'm healthy!

"Healthy female okay for surgery" Yeayeah!

So is anyone else all thrown off by daylight savings? Cuz this girl is! I feel like I have jet lag. I don't know what  George and Ben were thinking. But my, my am I ever sleepy. So anyway, at my last appointment the Dr. asked for my paper. I had no idea what he was talking about, and then he told me I was supposed to get a physical done before the surgery. He assumed I had done it already, as all his other patients have it done ahead of time. I don't know how I miss that bit of information, but I did! So I spent Thursday on the phone, trying to find a Dr. that would sign a paper giving me the ok for surgery. I had an appointment to see a Dr. on Wednesday, but I had to cancel. I was able to make an appointment with someone else, for yesterday, and as you can see in the picture, I passed.

The Dr. asked me why I was in there getting a physical, and why so quickly. I told him I was getting jaw surgery on Monday and he cringed. He couldn't believe how relaxed I was. He told me he would be a nervous wreck and would hate to be getting jaw surgery. He let me know he was glad it was me and not him. Jeez, thanks Mr. The truth is, I am a nervous wreck! I just have to remind myself to think of something positive I will get out of the surgery every time I start to feel nervous. It seems to have worked so far. Obviously you can't ignore the nerves completely, but reminding myself of something positive when I start to get nervous, helps me to focus more on the excitement of it, rather than the other part. I don't know. We'll see if I can keep it together until Monday..

 Most of my evening was spent on the phone with my hospital. Going over everything once more. It's nice that they go over everything with me so many times, but by last night I was wishing they didn't have to. I hate going over numbers. I think that's the worst part! I can't believe how much it costs. I'm lucky to have insurance. But still. I know it's actually very reasonable, considering it's a freaking surgery these people are performing! I just hate to spend money. I find myself thinking of all the people that need it more.
So while on the phone today, I got some information about the surgery.

 I must clean myself well the night before. Apparently Surgeons don't like to operate on stinky people. Imagine that.
I am supposed to wear comfy, loose, clothes. That's right. I am SUPPOSED TO. Lazy days comin' my way.
The surgery will  be about 2/12 to 3 hrs. long. I know, right? Whatanap!
No make up, hairspray, lotion, etc.
AND something I didn't know. While going over the required info, you know, smoking, drinking, possible pregnancy, we hit the menstrual one. And I don't know if you guys knew.. I didn't! But ya can't wear a tampon if you are having surgery. Yeah! I didn't know either! I actually never thought about it before to be honest. So I guess, if you're a girl, and you are having surgery, you might want to try to schedule around that dog awful time, lol. I know I would!

I found this picture from a while back. It really shows how bad my teeth were. I couldn't believe it!
Thank you all for reading my blog. I can't believe I only have a few more days until I'm slurping through a catheter (you'll understand if you read my last post) So the next time I post, just might be post op! It's super crazy! Good luck to all of you guys :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Long update about my Preop.

That's me!
Follow along @bryttkramer

So I never wrote about yesterdays trip to the surgeon. It was awesome! Seriously such a load off. I really believe I have the #1 best surgeon. I know, he hasn't done the surgery yet, but I already know he's good.
I told him that I had done a lot of research online, and he said "Brytt! What was the number one thing I told you Not to do!" I don't listen very well. He told me NOT to look up forums, videos , images... wait for it... BLOGS! I know, I know.  But I like to do research on things before I do them! He told me not to because he said, none of those surgeons were him. He asked me to ask him questions I had (most were from what I have gathered online) and he looked at me and said "so ___ happened?" I would answer and then he would reply with things like, "Well that was not me!" "Well I wasn't their surgeon!" "Well they aren't my patients!" And then told me how overly confident I am.. saywhat! So anyway, not saying all the things I have seen online were bad. He just told me not to do research because you cannot judge how your  surgery will go, based on someone else's. He said that his technique is one of a kind. It is an art and he has his own style.

What I should prepare for:
My mouth will not be wired shut.
My surgeon has never had anyone complain/hate how they look afterwards. So that's sunny!
Most all his patients only need Lortab the first 2-3 days, so they aren't usually too nauseous.
I will have a bite splint in, but only up to 4 weeks. AT THE MOST.
I will only have four incisions (hopefully) on the inside of my mouth.
I will be on liquid foods for the first week, then smashed foods for a long time after that.
After a week, I will be able to take my rubber bands off for an hour each day. Increasing gradually.
I will have a tube down my nose (he said it'll be the size of my pinky "so not too bad." I think that's huge!)
I will have difficulty swallowing because of the tube. He said that I can't be mad at him for that, because he didn't put it in me.
I will not want to drink anything Especially while the tube is in. Apparently it is very difficult/painful. But I am too drink anyway. 6-8 glasses a day. He said not many surgeons tell you this, but it is pretty crucial for a good recovery.
I should only be in the hospital over night.
He and his assistant will meet me in a special room at the hospital, literally right before the surgery. He will talk through things with me one last time, and answer any last minute questions I have for him. I love that.
Apparently the big rubber tube at the end of the syringes we get/have to eat with with post surgery? Yeah those are actually catheters. I know, right?!
My nose will be clogged up with blood from the tube. He reminded me again, that I cannot be mad at him for that, because he didn't do it to me. So he will yell at the nurses with me. Lol

He sent me home with a book of recipes you can make while going through recovery. They have a lot of good sounding smoothies in it though, so I'll probably use those recipes even after surgery!
He gave me a pack of Nestle Nutrition Breakfast Essentials. He said to go to Costco and stock up on them. I'll let you know if they're any good after I try it. He basically spent the majority of the time, making molds of my teeth and explaining the whole surgery to me. Really in depth too, it was fantastic! Someone else was there for their 4 weeks post op and so he brought them in to answer any questions I had. It was actually really helpful and really nice of the guy to do it. It was nice to talk to someone in person, who just recently had surgery, and by my surgeon. They took more X rays too, but I wasn't able to snap a shot of those.

I'm planning on posting through that first miserable week after surgery. I know you cannot judge your surgery based on some else's. But it is nice to know of good tips and tricks for recovery. At least I think so. So thank you to all of my readers for letting me blog stock you. Your blogs are really helpful, and I love getting comments from you :) Remember you are all beautiful and strong! Don't be scared!

Only 4 more days!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting close!

I honestly can't believe how soon this surgery is! I decided to make a video, which is something I have never done before. So bare with me as I figure it out. I really hate how I look in pictures, but I really don't like how I look/sound in videos. Are you guys like this or is it just me? The braces make it really hard to talk, and because of how long I had my Palate Expander in, my speech changed a lot (This was one of the major things my ortho screwed up) Now that it is finally out, I am finding it really hard to talk. I also find myself drooling on occasion and it sucks, lol. So! Final appointment with the surgeon tomorrow, and I am pretty nervous. I'm hoping he shows me a picture or something, of what he is expecting my profile to look like post surgery. Anyway, sorry about the video, I have no excuses.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lucky number sleven

I went to the store yesterday and bought some food I've heard is good to have during recovery. I feel like I'm not prepared, but I don't know how I can prepare any more! Any advice?
What should I prepare mentally for?
 What should I expect at the hospital?
What should I have ready for when I get home?
I've got a whole bunch of stuff running through my head. I'm hoping I'll just sleep and sleep after surgery, but from what I hear, that doesn't happen. So here it is, my list of foods thus far:
  • V8
  • Ensure
  • Naked Juice Drinks
  • Kefir (amazing source of Probiotics)
  • A Protein Plus
  • Various baby foods in the squeezable pouches
  • Soups
  • Swiss Chard
  • Avocados
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Dr. Christopher's Tissue and Bone. I used this while recovering from my tonsillectomy/deviated septum surgery, and it is wonderful. "Dr. Christopher's" is a really good natural line you can get from your Health store. I love the Health store!
  • Prenatal Vitamins
  • Calcium/Magnesium/Potassium Vitamin Supplements
This is stuff I already take/eat pretty regularly. So hopefully it will help me through recovery!
 I'm sure I'll be getting a lot more stuff too. Have any of you heard of Sqwincher Sqweeze Electrolyte Squeeze Pops? Basically Otter Pops for kids that are electrolytes! They are in the baby aisle at the market. I was thinking of maybe getting some after I am able to "eat" again. I didn't know if sucking on ice helped relieve some of the pain/swelling, or if it was just a horrible idea. Has anyone tried Popsicle type stuff? Well anyway, this post has turned in to a rather long one, sorry.

But on another note, I went to see Wreck It Ralph last night! It wasn't what I thought it would be like, but it was really cute. I had a really good day yesterday, and today I am going to church and then having an early Thanksgiving dinner, YUM!
Seven more days until my surgery, guys. SEVEN! I can't even believe it. 

Good luck to all of you!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

You're all winners!

So because we are all here as unfortunate little souls with sad little teeth, I thought I would cheer you all up with some not so sad looking teeth! You're welcome. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands now that I am not working more than once a week. I swear all that I do at this point is make lists, read blogs, and try to find things to keep myself busy.  But this is good news for you! Why? Well since you are all my first (and only) six readers, I'm going to mail you a little handmade happy tooth! Super fun, right? Maybe? Well anyway, congratulations. You're all winners! You may claim your ever so awesome prize by emailing me at Now I am just realizing that this may seem a little much like what a creeper would do. Sooo yeah... I promise I'm not! I mean, people do these giveaways, right? I'm sure I've seen these on blogs before. So email me if you want one, and I'll get it in the mail to you! I love getting packages, and who wouldn't want a little smiley tooth to take to the hospital for luck? Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! And if you're the praying type, please remember those on the East coast. Surgery seems pretty small right now, compared to all they're going through.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

12 days

Oh You have no idea how excited I am to never have to go back to my orthodontist. To never see his face again. To never have to lay in those awfully uncomfortable chairs twice a month. The whole process has been a nightmare, and I cannot wait to have it all over!

Think he'll miss this face? TOO BAD! lol

Sunday, October 28, 2012

14 days

 Two weeks until surgery, and I don't think I could be any more antsy.
I'm going to go buy some stuff  that should really help during recovery.. crossmyfingers. I'll give an update when I get them.
I can't believe there are only 2 more weeks!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Profile pics

Posting some profile pictures I took today. 17 days until the surgery. I hate this waiting time.  As much as I wish it were still forever away, I really wish it were just here already, so I didn't have to sit and stew about it. Can't I just snap my fingers and have it all over? Haha.

 Above: Smile with teeth closed.
Below: Smile with teeth open

18 days

I got my papers in the post yesterday. Shiz is gettin' real up in here! Yeahidontknow.
I was going to post a picture, but quickly remembered that I can't do that from my iPad. Mr. has been working on my laptop though, so it should be back to working soon! I can't believe I only have 18 days left until my surgery. It's quite frightening. I am extrememly excited, but also very nervouse. I have a pre op on the 6th, and then the next time I go, I'll be going for the oporation! As I was holding the papers (letter of surgery date, and forms to start filling out) It all became too real. I got excited, like Christmas morning, and then it quickly changed in to complete panic. I feel like I need to be more prepared. Anyone taking suppliments or eating differently to prepare your body for a quick recovery? I'd love to hear your advice! I can't wait to get the laptop working again. It's rather hard keeping a blog on an iPad. Thanks for baring with me. If you're a new reader, leave a comment and I'll start follwing you! Sending happy thoughts your way!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

22 days

So my computer is still down, and it makes blogging and other internet activity not as enjoyable. Luckily my sweet mamma and pops gave me a little keyboard that plugs in to my ipad, so I can type. But everything is tiny and half of the pages don't load. Like this one. I'm really hoping to get my laptop up and working soon! I would really like to make this blog more of

 I have tried not to talk to much about my surgery. But unfortunately by not doing so, my poor Mr. has had to hear about it day in and day out. When I first started down this road of brackets and wires, The surgery seemed like it was never going to happen. After a long time of thinking it was something that would never happen, I met with the surgeon and I was really excited. There was actually a light at the end of the tunnel! But as the days get closer and closer, I get more and more scared. I'm realizing that this is really happening. It isn't someing "in the future" or something that will happen "one day" It's happening right now! less than 3 weeks away, and I can't stop the butterflies from fluttering around in my stomach. So many things so be excitied, and completely scared about. As I am posting this, I'm listening to Pandora and Ingrid Michaelsons song, Keep Breathing, is playing. I guess that's what I'll do, "just keep breathing" There are much worse things, but unfortunately knowing that, doesn't make me any less nervous. Keeping my fingers crossed for a carefree 2 weeks, and a quick recovery. As soon as my computer is working, I'll update everything and keep ya'll posted. I would very much like to be in touch with all of my readers, and would be happy to answer any questions you have for me :) shoot me a comment below!
 Good luck if you are having surgery soon, and happy thoughts your way if you are recovering!