Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Look who's alive!

Sorry the blog has been pretty neglected! I've been super busy lately, and out of town a lot for the holidays.

My face is still big with scar tissue, and my lower right side of my chin is still pretty swollen. It is also still numb, but it is slowly coming out of that! In fact, while I was at my parents house after Christmas, my chin was starting to itch and hurt. Later that night, I smiled and it was the best feeling in the world!! I cannot explain it, it felt so weird, but I was able to move the bottom right side of my lip! It has been too numb to move, but I now can!! Hooray!

(I took this picture right after I realized it was moving. I was so excited. Lol.)

If I touch my chin in a certain spot, it sends a shooting pain up into my bottom tooth. It is very similar to the feeling you get when at the dentist getting a root canal. Have you ever had them put one of those blue Q-tips in dry ice, and then hold it on your tooth, to see which one needs the root canal? Well it feels just like that! It's quite strange... slash painful.

As I mentioned before, I have a lot of scar tissue in my face still. Because the right side of my face is still pretty numb, and has so much tissue in it, I find myself biting down on it, and it hurts so badly!
(Snapshot from a few days ago)

As the numbness goes away, I am able to feel more of the screws, it's really strange.

I am still wearing my bands at night, and then two during the day. Everything is healing up nicely, just taking a long time. It's supposed to be gone, by July.

So much to say, but I'll save it for another post, as this one has become quite long. 
Hope all of you that are in recovery, are doing well! And good luck to the rest of you!!
I've uploaded some pictures from post surgery. Don't look if you're easily grossed out. I look mighty nasty.

 (Best husband in the world award, goes to my guy. There is no way I would have done that for him! lol)

 (Using wipe off markers on the mirror. Make sure you have good company, to keep you entertained while you're in that awful hospital room!)

 (I thought it would be a good idea to take a photo like this every day. But, The pictures went missing, so this is the only one I've got.)

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