Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thank you all so much

I don't know why I am still numb inside and outside of my mouth, and neither does my surgeon.
I don't know why I was bleeding too much, that he had to finish before he was done.
I don't know why I have so much tissue in my face, that I am still swollen.
I don't know why my nerves are not growing back.
I don't know why any of this is the way it is, but I know I can't keep comparing and waiting for it to get better.

There are so many people that have or are having jaw surgery. I know I am not a lone.
 For so long, I had no idea, and then I found you through blogs.
 Your blogs and sweet comments are what helped me, and what can help so many more people.
I hope mine can too. This is why I decided to keep blogging.
I hope by keeping this blog, I will be able to help those of you who are preparing or recovering, and that maybe you will be able to help me too. Email me or comment here on the blog, if you have any advice, or questions. I think it's good when having such a huge surgery, to have support. To be able to talk to other people who have a small understanding of what you are going through. 
Because it is hard.

I am just as happy with my face now, as I was before. I do not like it, but I didn't like my jaw before either, which was one reason why I got the surgery. The hard part now, is that it is so completely different. I would much rather have my jaw before, but look like the person I am used to. Now I look too strange to myself. And I am numb. But I am okay. God made me healthy and beautiful, just as he made each of you. This whole post surgery thing, just takes a lot of getting used to. And with each day, it get's a little easier.

So just remember to keep smiling, because a smile looks good on everyone..

This is a before and after picture. 
You can see the full cheek bones, and knobby chin. This is the result of tissue build up.
There are a lot of things I see in this picture, that I don't like.
To my eyes, I look so different..
Do any of you know how to get rid of hard, thick tissue, that is under your skin? I am really desperate. 


  1. Brytt I am so sorry that this wasn't a smooth ride for you, it must be so strange and difficult getting used to a new face and recovering from surgery. You have done so very well!

    I hope your tissue build up goes away, has the doctor not said anything or offered any alternative remedies or ways to speed up the process?
    Much love and well wishes! x

    1. Thank you, Natasha. My doctor has only said that I am definitely one of a kind. He does not know why I have tissue under my skin, and his only suggestion to get rid of it, is to have another surgery to cut it out. The problem is, he has never had to do this before, and he doesn't know that it will work. It may just cause even more tissue to form :P Anyway, sorry I have been MIA for a while.. Thanks for being here! :)

  2. I wanna cry because I've also had a rough road. I haven't accepted my new face and want my old face back...just the profile I have now. But I think you look absolutely beautiful. I hope you know that. Really...it's breathtaking. But I know the struggles you are going through. I've stopped looking at pictures of myself and I really don't care to look. So I understand. ((Hugs))

  3. Hi Brytt, I am at the beginning stages of my brace/surgery journey. I am not sure how much this will help but I had a similar(ish) issue with tissue/hard skin build up when I had surgery on my chest. If you like I can PM you and go through the details. Basically, I had a small operation that during the healing stages began to build up tissue under the skin on my chest. This formed a pretty sizable lump. In order to remove it I was told I couldn't have surgery as it would just form again, so instead I had a long set of treatments (about 2 years) of this kind of serum that would soften the skin tissues, making the lump flat. As I say I'm not sure if how helpful this will be but if you want I could email you with the details. All the best, Rachael P.S you look beautiful btw!

    1. Thank you, Rachael! I spoke to my doctor about it, and he did not think it would help in my case. I had a surgery yesterday to get rid of it, and we are hoping it helps. I could not link to your blog.. Do you have one? I would love to follow you and keep in touch. You are too sweet! Thank you so much :)