Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Forgive me?

Oh gosh. I'm terrible. But as you can see, it isn't just this blog I'm neglecting, it's internet in general. I was doing so well updating, and had like, all these recipes for recovery I typed up to share, that I thought Hey! I should make a real blog that anyone (family and the occasional stalker) can see! A "me" blog! Obviously that worked. I haven't had a computer in who knows how long, so I've been using my phone. and unless it has a simple little app like facebook and instagram, I'm not on it. But apparently blogger does... you just have to text your entire post... and it's proving to be a bit more annoying than a laptop. I'm just hoping it posts when I click the button. You guys deserve a blog post from me, dang it! That is, if any of you are still following me? What the H. Someone better be, if I'm going to be blogging from my tiny phone! Lol.

So this whole process has been a pain. I am finally out of bands, yay! No more rubber jail! But I am now having to see a Tongue Thrust Therapist. Who knew they existed? Not this girl! I can't get my braces off, until I correct my tongue thrust. What is a Tongue Thrust you say?

Apparently your tongue should be resting on that bumpy area of your mouth. You know, on the roof behind your front teeth. The tongue should not touch your teeth. Ever. Mine rests against my bottom teeth, and pushes against my top ones when I swallow.

It seems impossible to break this habit, but apparently it can be done. And unless it is, my teeth will forever be in braces. Noooo!!!  My orthodontist should have seen this when he first put my braces on (6 years ago) and I could have been correcting this problem all this time. But he's a horrible Ortho. And he didn't even know I had a tongue thrust.

I also will be having two more (though smaller) surgerys in the next few months. My swelling was happening too quickly durrying my jaw surgery, so my surgeon had to finish the procedure quickly. Because of this, my chin didn't get shaved off properly, and is still very jagged, making the scar tissue pile up. So, my jaw is fixed, but my chin is having major issues. They will be taking the tissue out in one of the surgeries.

My face is still numb, from the corner of my lips down. Mostly just the area they will be correcting.

I still have tissue all over, but it is going away properly. I just feel like it's taking forever. I want this all to be done already!

I forgot to mention, that because of my rapid swelling durrying surgery, my surgeon had to act fast, and stitch me up quickly. Which resulted in a terrible job. And he knows. I have a wonderful doctor. So it is all messy inside my mouth, and it will be nice to finally have things cleaned up ans back to normal in there. It's really a site for sore eyes, I'll tell you what.

I am recovering from a horrible sinus infection at the moment. Because I've been dick, I've had to cancel my last two Tongue Thrust appointments. My Dr. Emailed me and told me if I don't make it in this week, I have to start therapy all over. So I'm lying in bed trying to recover so I don't have to do that! I ate a clove of Garlic and drank a cup of garlic tea just to try and get over this. Yes, I am just that desperate guys. And I smell delicious! Lol.

Anyway, I'll try to be better at posting. Let's see if it posts from my phone though!


Also, I don't know if this picture Im adding will work. It's a good side shot of my chin at the moment. People ask me about it a lot. It's really wierd and annoying right now.


  1. Hey Brytt! Good to hear from you again :)
    Hope all goes well with your next surgery/ies
    Cheers - Ellie

    1. Thanks, Ellie! I've been so MIA it's good to know someone still reads my blog, lol. Ih ope to get back to the swing of things agsin soon. Hope things are well on your end!

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  3. I feel you. blogging through the phone can be frustrating most of the time, especially when you try to type faster to expand on an idea before it sails away, only to see later that you either pressed the wrong buttons and some of the words are gibberish, or the phone auto corrected and the sentence doesn’t make any sense. XD

    On the topic at hand, how are you doing? Have you rescheduled those surgeries? How’s recovering coming along? :)

    Avis Charland

    1. Avis I'm sorry I haven't replied until now. Still n my small phone. Oh what fun, lol. I will try to post this week, with a good update. I have recipes for recovery and things I wamt to share.. if only I could! They are all saved on my broken computer. I will be meeting with my surgeon again in a few weeks, to schedule the finish up surgeries. Right now I'm still numb and still seollen. I appreciate your comment! Let's hope I'm able to use my computer again one day.. soon.. lol! I would love to post anf keep in touch with blog readers agsin :) Do you have ablog?

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  5. How are you holding up? It sucks that the operation went awry midway and caused the swelling. I hope your doctor was able to remedy that in the subsequent consultations and operations. Hope you’re feeling better.